"After Five Years, My Wound is Finally Healing!" — Ezekiel Ramos

According to the National Institutes of Health, chronic wounds affect more than 6.5 million patients per year. More than $25 billion is spent treating chronic wounds each year, and it’s expected to increase due to the rise in diabetes and obesity.

The Wound Healing Center, located next to Edinburg Regional Medical Center, opened in July and treats a variety of wounds, including pressure ulcers, burns and venous injuries. Ray Silva, Director of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, says most patients can experience wound closure in just a few months using treatments such as tissue grafting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. “We also offer specialized services devoted to foot health for diabetic patients,” he says.

Medical Director Ofsman Quintana, MD, explains some wounds are difficult to heal. “If you have a wound that doesn’t heal by 50 percent in four weeks, you need to seek medical treatment,” he says. “People with diabetes can have delayed healing and complications if sugars are not controlled, and sometimes poor circulation or peripheral artery disease can impede healing.”

Ezekiel Ramos, who has diabetes, was experiencing delayed healing with a pressure ulcer on his heel. He had seen many doctors over the course of five years, none of whom were able to heal his wound. His home health nurse recommended that he go to the Wound Healing Center. “I heard many good things about Dr. Quintana, and after my first visit, I felt confident he was going to be able to help me,” says Ezekiel. “The treatment thus far has reduced the size of my wound, it looks healthier and is less painful. I’m grateful to finally have some resolution to this.”

Dr. Quintana says having this new facility available to the community is very important. “We have a large population of diabetics, and many of them suffer from chronic wounds because diabetes interferes with the healing process. So we evaluate the whole patient to ensure compliance in managing their diabetes. It really can make a difference in closing a wound quicker,” he says.

Learn more about the Wound Healing Center at Edinburg Regional Medical Center or call 956-388-2700 to make an appointment.